Gain Valuable Insights About Your Customers Intent With Delacons IVR Capture

Gain Valuable Insights About Your Customer’s Intent with Delacon’s IVR Capture

Call tracking is vital for businesses to understand where their leads are coming from and how to improve their marketing strategies. Integrated Voice Response (IVR) systems are commonly used in many businesses to automate call routing and ensure prompt assistance for callers. IVR systems also provide valuable information about customer preferences and needs. In this article, we will discuss how IVR integration can enhance call tracking and improve the overall customer experience.

IVR System Capture

Many businesses already use IVR systems to automate call routing. Still, they may not know that they can integrate these systems with their call tracking systems for better data analysis. Delacon provides an option to capture the caller’s input during their IVR session. This means that the key presses made by the caller can be tracked and reported alongside website tracking information in Delacon’s call reports. With this capability, businesses can have a complete understanding of the customer journey, from their initial contact with the website to the final conversation with an operator.

Capturing IVR input require that the IVR capture field is configured with the maximum number of key presses that the caller can make to reach an operator. Delacon supports up to 10 key presses, which will be captured as a whole number. For example, if the caller presses option 1, followed by sub-option 2 and sub-option 3, this will be reported as 123.

Adding Text Labels to IVR Options

In addition to capturing the caller’s input, Delacon can also apply text labels to the options captured. This feature is essential for businesses with complex IVR systems. If you have many options and sub-options, text labels can help determine the caller’s intent and the relevance of the call to the business. To do this, businesses will need to provide Delacon with a map of their IVR system that defines the labels for the options pressed. For example, 123 could be labelled as “New Customer Enquiry.” 

Assistance with Mapping Your IVR

Mapping an IVR system can be complex, but Delacon is here to help businesses. If you would like assistance mapping your IVR, you can contact your account manager or Delacon Support. Delacon provides an integration service that can help map your system and ensure that it captures all relevant caller input.

Integrating IVR systems with call tracking can provide businesses with a fuller picture of their customers’ journey and needs. Capturing caller input and applying text labels to options can help businesses better understand the caller’s intent and provide a more personalized service. Delacon offers services that can support businesses in mapping their IVR systems and integrating them with call tracking. Overall, IVR integration can enhance call tracking and improve the customer experience.