How Delacon’s Call Tracking Can Help You Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Every business that strives to maximize its online presence and drive more conversions should use call tracking as an essential tool. By understanding how customers engage with your website and tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your website’s conversion rate.

Delacon’s call tracking is a powerful solution that enables businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and take proactive steps towards improving overall conversions. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Delacon offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

Here are some key steps to effectively use Delacon’s call tracking to enhance your website’s conversion rate:

  1. Implement the call tracking code: The first step towards leveraging Delacon’s call tracking is to integrate their tracking code into your website. Delacon provides simple installation guides for various website platforms, ensuring a seamless implementation process. Once the code is added to your website, Delacon begins monitoring calls, tracking their sources, and capturing relevant data.
  2. Analyse call data: Delacon’s reporting dashboard provides a wealth of invaluable data about your incoming calls. You can analyse metrics such as call volume, call duration, and caller demographics. By understanding which marketing channels, keywords, or pages are driving the most calls, you can align your marketing efforts accordingly and optimize your website’s conversion funnel.
  3. Utilise call recordings and transcriptions: Delacon records and transcribes calls, allowing you to review conversations between your agents and customers. Listening to these recordings enables you to gain deeper insights into customer pain points, concerns, and preferences. It also helps identify training opportunities for your sales or support teams, enabling them to handle customer inquiries more efficiently and improve the overall customer experience.
  4. Track keywords and campaigns: Delacon’s call tracking solution enables you to attribute calls to specific marketing campaigns and keywords. This feature aids in understanding the ROI of various marketing efforts accurately. By identifying which campaigns or keywords are driving valuable calls and subsequent conversions, you can allocate your marketing budget more wisely and optimise your strategies for maximum impact.
  5. Integrate with CRM systems: To extract the most value from Delacon’s call tracking, it is essential to integrate it with your CRM system. By synchronising call data with customer profiles, you gain a comprehensive view of each customer’s journey, allowing you to personalise future interactions and enhance conversion rates. Delacon offers seamless integration with popular CRM platforms, making it easy to streamline your customer data and make informed business decisions.
  6. Implement call extensions: Delacon’s call tracking solution allows you to add call extensions to your online ads, making it easy for potential customers to reach your business directly. 
  7. Continual testing and optimisation: To improve your website’s conversion rate using Delacon’s call tracking, it is essential to establish a culture of ongoing testing and optimisation. Analyse the collected data regularly, identify patterns, and make data-driven adjustments to your marketing strategies, website design, and customer service processes. By continually iterating and enhancing your approach, you can steadily increase your website’s conversion rate and overall business success.


In conclusion, Delacon’s call tracking is a powerful tool that can significantly improve your website’s conversion rate. By implementing the steps outlined above and leveraging Delacon’s advanced features, you can gather vital data, gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, and make informed decisions to optimise your website’s performance. Ultimately, harnessing the power of call tracking will allow you to drive more conversions, enhance customer satisfaction, and fuel your business growth.