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Delacon’s Rebilling for Agency and Directory Clients: A Simple and Efficient Way to Bill Your Clients

Running an agency or directory business often involves managing a multitude of clients and making sure they are billed accurately and efficiently. Keeping track of various services, call volumes, and charges for each client can become a daunting task, leading to potential billing errors or delays. However, with the introduction of Delacon’s Rebilling service, businesses can now streamline their billing process and deliver a seamless billing experience to their clients.

One of the significant advantages of Delacon’s Rebilling service is the ability to allocate costs to specific clients, making it easier to track expenses and generate detailed reports. With the powerful reporting capabilities offered by Delacon, agencies and directories can provide transparent and comprehensive breakdowns of costs to their clients, enhancing transparency and trust.

The streamlined process of Delacon’s Rebilling service begins by creating an account for each client. The account can be customised according to the client’s specific requirements and the services they utilize. The agency or directory can define the pricing structure, set different rates, and assign unique thresholds for each client. This flexibility allows businesses to accommodate multiple clients and tailor their billing approach to suit individual needs.

Once the client’s account is established, Delacon’s Rebilling service automatically calculates the charges based on call volumes, call durations, or any other relevant metrics predetermined by the business. This automation eliminates the need for manual calculations, significantly reducing the chances of human error and ensuring accurate billing.

Moreover, Delacon’s Rebilling service offers flexibility and ease-of-use when managing payments and generating invoices. As call tracking and analytics data is seamlessly integrated with the billing system, businesses can effortlessly generate invoices based on the client’s usage. Agencies and directories can easily export or email these invoices to their clients, saving time and eliminating the hassle of manual processes.

For businesses that work with multiple clients, the ability to manage all accounts through a single platform is incredibly valuable. Delacon’s comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard provides a centralised view of all client accounts, simplifying the management process.

Furthermore, Delacon’s Rebilling service comes with a built-in credit control system. This feature allows businesses to set credit limits for their clients, ensuring that accounts are settled promptly and effectively. Businesses have the flexibility to define credit limits based on client profiles, enabling them to manage payment terms efficiently and avoid any potential cash flow issues.

By leveraging Delacon’s Rebilling service, agencies and directories can streamline their billing processes and provide their clients with a transparent and hassle-free experience. The implementation of this innovative service can ultimately lead to improved client relationships, increased revenue, and enhanced operational efficiency. 

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