Optimise Google Ads campaigns with complete information

Google Ads are a fantastic way of promoting goods or services in a prime online search position. When someone clicks on one of your Google Ads, and lands on your website, they might fill in an online form or call the phone number that’s prominently displayed.

By analysing the data in Google Analytics, it’s relatively easy to determine the number of leads who clicked on your ad and then filled out a submission form on your website. However, it isn’t quite as straightforward to determine the volume of leads who called your business after clicking on a paid ad and browsing your site.

Without the inclusion of call data, you may not be accurately assessing the success of a paid campaign and you may not be accurately determining the true cost-per-lead. More importantly, you may not be effectively optimising your online campaigns.

Delacon’s call tracking solution will give you the missing metric – the call data – so that you can make optimisation decisions based on complete information. Phone calls often lead to higher value sales, so now you can identify the keywords that deliver high-value sales calls from paid ads.

With this knowledge, you will be able to reallocate resources to bolster high-performing keywords and reduce the spend on under-performing keywords. You will be able to analyse call data driven from paid ads in both Delacon’s Portal and in Google Analytics.

Watch call tracking from paid search in action
Analyse the volume of calls from online campaigns in Google Analytics
Analyse the volume of paid keywords that generate calls in Google Analytics

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