Through a technical integration, Delacon call tracking data can now be pushed into the Oracle Maxymiser platform so call data can be used to optimise and personalise your websites.

The Delacon’s solution enhances Maxymiser by adding phone calls as a key conversion component. You will now have a complete and accurate view of the performance of your website home page, landing page and app as you can measure which pages are better at generating both phone calls and web leads.

By utilizing both click and call data, you’ll have a more complete picture on how your website is performing, and will be able to make more accurate decisions around its performance.

Calls are incredibly important to measure as phone calls generate higher quality leads and higher value sales. With the knowledge of how your website is performing overall, you can potentially make changes to attract more phone calls.

Furthermore, the ability to use phone call data for personalisation alongside web form enquiries increases the robustness of the platform and the accuracy of your personalisation efforts. By building rich customer profiles you can more accurately target and personalise the online experience for returning visitors.

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