Accurately measure campaign performance

The trend towards accountability and data-based results continues to grow. Businesses want to see measurable results from their marketing investment. They want to know what works and what doesn’t so that they can make more effective marketing decisions.

While it’s still a challenge to quantify branding exercises, digital campaigns are highly measurable. Thanks to readily available web analytics platforms it’s very easy to identify online traffic flow and email conversions.

But what about call conversions? If an online marketing campaign isn’t tracking both email and call conversions then the data won’t reflect an accurate representation of the results.

With call tracking, your Agency will have access to all the data you need to accurately prove the performance of marketing campaigns initiated on your client’s behalf.

Even if you don’t have an immediate need for call tracking, it’s still beneficial to have this technology as part of your kit so that when you’re pitching to clients you can demonstrate that you have innovative tools at your finger tips to accurately measure campaign success.

How agencies benefit from tracking calls

  • More accurate measurement of your client’s campaign performance
  • Enhance your client’s campaign performance through optimisation
  • Reprioritise campaign spend based on more accurate measurement
  • Offer technology innovation to your clients as part of your tool kit