The Keyword Spotting and Analysis Module (SAM) analyses keywords and phrases in two ways:

  • Automated Term Identification

The SAM will scan transcripts for the frequently spoken keywords and phrases, and provide an output of these.

  • Custom Keyword Identification

Transcriptions from phone calls can also be scanned for specific keywords or phrases relevant to your business and assess the call for quality. This list of specific keywords and phrases can be set in the Delacon platform for automatic identification and reporting.

For example, if you are running a customer service department- you may want to pick up keywords such as ‘complaint’, ‘not working’, ‘difficulty’ etc. It can also help you to refine the wordings of your marketing campaigns, provide quality control of calls and identify important areas of improvement for internal training. Essentially, this feature can allow you to analyse every call without listening to any of these calls.

Word Cloud and Reporting

The Word Cloud Distribution in Keyword Spotting Reports provides an informative visual representation of the spotting outcome for deeper insights. The size of each keyword or phrase is auto-calibrated to the number of calls in which the word/phrase is present.
Word Cloud Distribution

The number of calls containing the word/phrase is automatically shown while your mouse cursor is hovering over that term. For a detailed list of all the words and phrases and their relevant information, please refer to the Keyword Ranking section.

Keyword Ranking

You can search the calls in which the word or term is present by clicking on the term in the word cloud or directly entering it into the search textbox in Search Keyword section of the report. Pressing the button Search will fetch all the calls from the database in which the term is present within the top twenty terms ranked by the intelligent keyword spotting algorithm.

Keyword Search

Clicking on the Analyse link for each call in this table, will open a new page with a visualization of the call and its transcript, the conversation metrics, and detail speech analytics outcome.


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