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Optimise your marketing with Call Tracking from Delacon

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  • Track incoming calls
  • Attribute calls to their marketing source
  • Optimise campaigns down to the keyword level
  • Improve CPA and ROI

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If customers contact your business by phone, you need to use Delacon’s Call Tracking solution

If you’re only measuring online conversions via web forms, you’re missing a key metric when determining the success of marketing campaigns. Our system captures the whole customer journey, from the marketing initiative through to the phone call and beyond. You can use this information to confidently optimise campaigns, knowing that you’re taking into account all available data.

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Analytics and Reporting

Use the dedicated Delacon Portal to track, monitor and analyse calls to your business. Instantly see how many calls your business is receiving from each of your marketing channels and identify the keywords that your customers used to find you.

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Dynamic Numbers

Our Call Tracking software uses unique phone numbers to follow and track website visitors throughout their browsing sessions. Add this to offline tracking numbers to effectively attribute every call to its source.

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Our platform integrates with all major online reporting tools. Combine your call tracking data with your online analytics and Customer Relationship Management system to track customers through the marketing funnel, and beyond.

The Benefits of Call Tracking

  • Follow the entire customer journey from online search through to offline call inquiry
  • Match calls to the marketing initiative (both online and offline) that drove the inquiry
  • Identify online marketing channels and search keywords that yield high value phone sales
  • Confidently optimise marketing campaigns and channels with complete knowledge
  • Accurately route calls from online search to the most appropriate sales team